About Me

I’m Arooj, a Yorkshire born Pakistani lass…

….who has a love and passion for all things food. As a home baker and cook, I always get asked what I prefer more, baking or cooking? My response has always been and will always be….Eating! Food makes me incredibly happy, on a quest to ensure lifetime happiness, I decided to teach myself how to bake and cook at a young age.

I have a vision of sharing this universal language of love with the world, in turn enhancing everyone’s experience with food. My aim through my social media platforms, is to help others feel confident in the kitchen using tried and tested delicious recipes.

Growing Up

I learnt how to cook from my mum, she would teach me how to make classic Pakistani dishes, including rice and dessert. The one thing I would find bizarre was the way in which my mum would ‘guesstimate’ ingredients and just know when to carry out the next steps of the recipe by looking at the pot of food in front of her.

Not being as experienced as my mum, I would make her measure everything out so that I could take note. A decade later, I had gained enough experience to understand that cooking is in fact an art, and that you can paint your canvas however you desire. Baking on the other hand has always been a bit of a science to me and so, I have spent the last 5 years experimenting with baking recipes, whether this be precise measuring, using the best quality equipment and ingredients or alternating times. I’ve nailed the perfectly ‘fluffehhh’ vanilla sponge and ‘gooehhh’ brownies recipes you’ll ever come across (that’s fluffy and gooey for those of you who aren’t fluent in Yorkshire!)

Social Media

When I first started sharing food pictures on social media, I received requests to share my recipes, I’d frequently find myself texting someone or e-mailing them across. That’s the point at which I decided to accumulate all of them in to one platform and @roojithefoodie was born.

My social media family have particularly taken a liking to what’s often described as my “strong Yorkshire accent” As such, coined a few phrases which are now synonymous with this Yorkshire baker, namely;

“I like me brownies gooehhh”

“I like me cakes fluffehhh”

My aim is simple

I just want to bring fun and joy in to your kitchens allow you to learn from the mistakes I made so that you can make perfect recipes every time. Here I am today, asking you to join me on my journey to spread happiness, via the love language of food.

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